Tuesday, 12 May 2015

LUSH Jungle Solid Conditioner* | Review


It's well documented that I'm a huge fan of LUSH and their innovative ways, I recently shared Seanik with you and what better way to accompany a solid shampoo than with a solid conditioner?

LUSH Jungle Solid Conditioner
LUSH Jungle Solid Conditioner

Jungle is one of two solid conditioners that LUSH produce, the other being Big Solid Conditioner. Jungle is sold naked (yippee!) and can be stored in one of the shampoo bar tins or on a soap dish, which is how I keep mine.

The scent is a bit of a weird one, people either love it or hate it. I'm more in the middle, I don't love it by any means but it's tolerable. Jungle contains cocoa butter, fresh figs, fresh avocado, fresh passion fruit, fresh kumquat, ylang ylang oil, vetivert oil, cypress oil and cedarwood oil which admittedly sounds delicious, like a fruit smoothie for your hair. I just don't find that it transfers scent wise into what you would imagine, to me it just smells a bit herbal. As cocoa butter is the main ingredient for Jungle it is very conditioning and nourishing.

Jungle is used by warming it up a bit (in your hands, or briefly under the shower) and running the full bar through the ends of your hair. You can't really see it going in so it is hard to gauge how much you need but I have never used too much and ended up looking like a greaseball which was my main qualm. 

After drying my hair it is left super soft and shiny. I recently went away for the weekend and took a mini liquid conditioner with me and it just felt synthetic and weighty compared to Jungle. One of my colleagues has mentioned that my hair looks really shiny and in great condition which is saying something.

I would definitely repurchase Jungle again, mine is lasting forever and it only costs £3.50 which is average for a liquid conditioner. I'm glad I've made the switch to solid shampoo and conditioner and would certainly recommend giving it a whirl.