Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Weekly Ramble #102


The weekly face:

My face wasn't cooperating this week so you can have an infinitely cuter one instead. 

This week has been a strange one. On Tuesday James had a minor operation and he was so brave. I however was not. I'm so squeamish so being in a room while an operation going on isn't my idea of a good time. He seems to be on the mend now though.

On Friday tickets to one of my all time favourite bands went on sale, Brand New. Sadly I missed out on getting any for their gig on June 1st so if anyone knows of anyone selling any (at face value or close, piss off touts) drop me a line (Manchester). They must have known they were going to sell out the cheeky chimps as they announced another date which tickets were released for on Saturday. After roping James in and having 10 websites open between us we are now going to see them on 10th September. I'm sooooo chuffed as I've seen them every time they've toured in the UK.

As this post goes live I will be waking up in a hotel room in Leeds (hopefully - providing we don't cock up the trains). We traveled on Saturday evening and I can't wait to go and have a proper explore today. I've only been to Leeds once before and that was with work so I didn't get to venture as much as I would have liked. I'm open for any suggestions for ideas of things to do while we're here so @rufflesnrabbits on Twitter if you think something will be up my street. I'm with my Mum if that helps.We are going for afternoon tea today which is always a great thing.

Have a good one!