Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Weekly Ramble #100


The weekly face:

How is it Easter weekend already? I'm making good use of the extra days of work though as I went to Liverpool on Friday with my Mum for some light shopping and we also went to watch Beauty and the Beast on ice which was amazing. They were so skilled I was in awe.

Yesterday I seem to have cracked open an Easter egg even though you're only supposed to receive them today. Woops!

James' family are coming up for a visit today but I'm a bit unsure as what to do as I think most places will be shut. I'm sure inspiration will strike.

I've always prided myself on not really caring what anyone thinks about me but I had an insane amount of page views yesterday from Facebook and it made me so wary! I must be going funny in my old age. 

In other news I have found a (new) song that I am obsessing over, this never normally happens to me anymore as musically I still seem to think it's 2004. 

How are you spending the Bank Holiday weekend?