Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Weekly Ramble #99


The weekly face:

Hello there snazzy new dress, I've been living it this a the moment so you may see it popping up on several posts. Woops.

I've been off work this week and it feels so good to be able to relax and switch off from work. I love my job but I do find that it eats into my home life a bit too much. Especially recently.

On Monday my Mum was off work too so we went for a small (large) shopping expedition in Warrington. We ended up coming home well after 6pm, which made for a tiring day as I left my house at 8am. We bought all sorts, including some charms for my Mum's Pandora bracelet!

On Tuesday my Mum finishes work at lunchtime so we headed to a garden centre for a brew and a cake. It was amazing. I do love a brew and a cake.

Wednesday I don't really remember that much of it, I think I binge watched Total Divas and was a lazy person for the day which is such a rarity, it was amazing.

On Thursday James was off work so we went out for some lunch to Chiquito which is always a taste sensation. I was always a super fussy eater when I was younger but now I love all sorts, including Mexican.

The rest of the week I have just chilled and tried to stay relaxed. I have been looking into my local Lush Spa and think I'm going to treat myself.