Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Avon Planet Spa Amazonian Treasures Creamy Body Scrub | Review


Ever buy something because it looks a bit weird? Surely it can't just be me. 

Thinking about it, I actually bought this because I loved the scent and you can never have too many body scrubs.

The packaging is standard screw top lid which I like for a body scrub, it's easy to grab and handful rather than messing about with a tube. It closes really securely so you could easily travel with this.

Now, onto the actual scrub. There are large particles as well as tiny ones suspended in a thick purple jelly which I think we can all agree, looks amazing. Sadly, it isn't particularly scrubby and I don't find it effective for me. The large particles are few and far between but there are plenty of little ones which almost feel like sand. The scent is amazing, sort of fruity yet still clean smelling. It does stain the tiles really badly if you don't get it off straight away.

All in all this is too gentle for me and I will definitely be sticking to Soap and Glory's Sugar Scrub in future. That's a fib, I can't resist trying new things but I will be sticking to harsher scrubs in future!