Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Weekly Ramble #93


The weekly face:

As I mentioned last week, I have been off from work this week just using my holidays up.

Monday involved a trip to the exotic vets which took us ages to get there! Motorway rush hour traffic is not the one. On a clear run it takes 45 minutes which still isn't the best when you have a wriggling bunny on your knee. The idea was just to just get a consultation and see if it was actually possible to perform the surgery, but she offered to do it there and then if the x-ray came back as expected. All looked good so they decided to operate on him. He had to stay over night and I felt so horrible leaving him there.

On Tuesday I kept ringing the vets at regular intervals to see how he was doing, he wasn't eating properly so I could only pick him up at 5pm. Bearing in mind I have never driven properly on a motorway before I got there in no time. The vet went through everything with us and showed me his wound (to which I almost fainted - fail) and explained what medications he would need and when. I was so glad to have him home and hopefully he won't need any further surgery, ever.

On Wednesday I went to my Mum's in the afternoon for a bit of a girly catch up and to book a few mini breaks. We have booked to go to Leeds and York later on this year which should be good. We did originally plan to go to Paris again but our little savings pot went on getting Karl better. It's totally worth it and I'm a bit off flying at the moment anyway.

Thursday I had to go in to college which always leaves me with a blinding headache and a desire to lie down. I did plan to crack on with my coursework when I got home but that didn't realistically happen.

On Friday I had a massive Spring clean, lots of clutter has gone into the bin and I have cleaned all of the windows, even the outside of the conservatory - eugh. I also had a go at making fudge in the afternoon which was a success - hooray!

James' parents came to visit us on Saturday for a catch up and some lunch. We also had a mooch through the town centre which is just a bit mental on a weekend. Oops. 

Today I am going meeting my friend Ellen and her boyfriend for lunch.  I'm planning to finish my college work this afternoon too! I'm almost glad to be going back to work next week - for a rest.