Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Weekly Ramble #91


The weekly face:

Can you believe it is February? What is going on. I had Monday off work which was a treat, I've got quite a few holidays left to take at work so a couple of long weekends are in order.  I had to go to the Trafford Centre for my 6 month check up after my eye surgery, all is good on that front thankfully! I went with my Dad and we did quite a bit of shopping, I got myself most of the bits I wanted from LUSH from the Valentine's range, three new pairs of shoes, the above hat (which makes me feel amazingly fancy) and a little trip to Boots of course. I treated us to lunch while we were there and we got to have a lovely catch up.

In the afternoon I went to Warrington with my Mum as she had other commitments in the morning. It worked out quite well though because LUSH Trafford Centre had ran out of Unicorn Horns, so of course I bought two (plus two for Mum) at Warrington. I did a bit more shopping and got myself a beautiful Pandora ring.

The rest of the week was spent at work which let's face it isn't very exciting but it pays the bills (and excessive shopping trips). I spent all of Friday interviewing which is so draining.

Yesterday was spent doing chores and binge watching New Girl (yes again). Today I will be chilling and hopefully curling up with a good book.