Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Elemis Spa at Home Foot Cream | Review


Foot creams aren't exactly what I would call an essential, but I still try to use them once a week - usually on a Sunday night to set me up for the week ahead.

Elemis are more of a luxury brand in my eyes so not the most logical choice for a foot cream for me. This foot cream contains shea butter and jojoba oil which leave you with super soft feet. I like to use this cream under a pair of cotton socks over night to really reap the benefits. The scent of this is quite herbal but I really like it, it contains patchouli, eucalyptus and lemon oil to create the scent.

The consistency feels quite thin at first but once you start to rub it in it feels thicker and more luxurious somehow.  It doesn't take ages to sink in and you can't feel it lingering if you know what I mean. Since starting running I have noticed that my feet aren't in the best condition but this offering from Elemis is certainly helping them on their way.

For £19 for 75ml it isn't something I would rush out to repurchase, but if it was cheaper then I definitely would.