Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Weekly Ramble #87


The weekly face(s):

How unimpressed does Karl look really.

So, here we are in to 2015 and for all I haven't done a resolutions post it's much of the generic ones. Carry on running, stop eating chocolate all the time (occasionally is fine) and try to be less of a stress pot.

This week has been very busy, I've been back at work which is usually super quiet just after Christmas but it's been hectic. The days have flown though so I can't complain.

On Monday I nipped into the town centre to buy some new running trainers, my Mum's birthday present and to get my watch resized. I do like to be organised and I'm all sorted for Mum's birthday now. Score.

Yesterday I took all of the Christmas decorations down (a tree and some candles, not like a grotto worth) and my house now looks huge and empty! I do love having them up but having a decluttered living space makes me feel so much calmer.

Today I plan to do my college homework which I'm struggling with motivation for honestly which is so unlike me. My tutor has been off sick and the substitute isn't as engaging sadly. This part of my qualification will eventually count to my degree so I need to get it done really. I plan to sit at my dining table to do it as I've been getting really distracted so I think that will help.