Saturday, 31 January 2015

February Wishlist



  1. Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar - Lush - £3.25
  2. Heart Throb Bubble Bar - Lush - £3.65
  3. Lonely Heart Bubble Bar - Lush - £3.50
  4. Floating Flower Bath Bomb - Lush - £3.50
  1. I know this is over social media obscene amounts but who cares? LOOK at it! I love a Lush collection and even though I don't go in for Valentine's Day I'm so on board with this. Unicorn Horn contains lavender, neroli and ylang ylang which sounds pretty good to me.
  2. A more traditional looking Valentine's item for sure, Heart Throb is similar to the bubbleroon in that it comes in two halves (as opposed to three halves? you know what I mean). Apparently Heart Throb shares its scent with the African Paradise body conditioner, which I've never tried.
  3. What a sad name! Lonely Heart is super sparkly which appeals to me greatly. The scent is jasmine (my favourite!), bergamot and ylang ylang and I have no doubt that you can split this in two.
  4. The only bath bomb on this list, how strange. I haven't seen a lot of hype for this but I think it looks really pretty.
I think we can all agree I have a serious Lush problem, but there are worse things in life to have addictions to and probably by the time this post goes live I will have purchased them all. Oops!