Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturisers* | Review


I am the worlds laziest body moisturiser, I hate standing around in the buff waiting for it to dry while trying not to catch a chill, I hate waiting 10 minutes for thick body butters to sink in when I'm already late for work.. You get the picture.

Nivea clearly share my views on waiting for traditional body moisturisers so have created the delights that are the in-shower moisturisers. This isn't a new concept, Lush used to make something similar which I seem to think was called Chocolate Heaven? Heavenly Bodies? Could be the totally wrong name but I was addicted to the stuff. This was at least 10 years ago because I was still in high school - yep I'm old

The general concept is that you have a wash as normal, rinse off and then slather this all over while you are still in the shower. Think body conditioner. You then rinse the moisturiser off and you are good to go. I was a bit wary about it making the shower floor slippery but I've had no issues on that front, as long as you rinse off properly it shouldn't be a problem. The Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturisers also don't leave a residue on your towels which is a huge bonus, you simply dry as normal and you are lovely and moisturised.

One of the best things about these two delights are the scents. They are inoffensive whilst still being creamy and sweet smelling at the same time, I don't think anyone would dislike these two scents. Of the two I prefer the cocoa rather than the honey but they actually smell very similar.

The 250ml versions of these cost £3.56 from Boots and I will definitely be repurchasing. Ever since getting my hands on these I have moisturised every single day which is unheard of for me. I can easily go 6 months without moisturising my body but the in-shower moisturisers stop it being a chore.