Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Weekly Ramble #80


The weekly face:

Sorry for the awful picture quality, it has been pretty grey and gloomy up here so no decent lighting I'm afraid!

Right, what's happened this week? Not a lot really. I got my injections on Thursday and already I feel like a new woman! I nipped into the tattoo studio on Friday and booked my latest in. Roll on 11th December.

On Friday after work I went shopping with two work friends. We only needed a few bits but we were shopping for ages! Luckily I picked up everything on my list (and a few extras, of course) and trundled off home. When I got home James was waiting for me with a present - an iPad Mini! Just because. I'm happy when he brings me some form of chocolate bar "just because" so I was gobsmacked.

On Saturday James' parents came to visit and I took my car for a service. Can you believe I've only done 2000 miles in 12 months? Pathetic. We went to the pub for lunch and then went to visit a garden centre to see all of their Christmas wares. I got a gingerbread man room spray which smells divine.