Tuesday, 4 November 2014

LUSH Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly* | Review


I'm on to double figures of pots of Sweetie Pie that I have gone through so I thought it was about time I shared this wobbly delight with you.

The packaging is standard Lush really, a screw top tub to house the product. This tub is transparent rather than black (although it used to be in a black tub) but you can still use this as part of the exchange scheme. I really like Lush packaging because it tells you straight away that the product is Vegan and the packaging has been recycled. It used to say on the top of the lid that Sweetie Pie is fruitier than Dale Winton and I wish it still did!

The scent of Sweetie Pie is delicious, it contains cherries, bergamot, blackcurrant and coconut which combined have a smell similar to Vimto. I will be honest I can't really pick up on the coconut more the cherry and the blackcurrant. The texture of Sweetie Pie is exactly like a jelly making it easy to pull a bit off to use.

It does say on the Lush website that you can use the whole jelly all over and that should lather up successfully but that doesn't work for me. I pull off a £1 coin sized piece and smush it into a shower puff and then use as I would a shower gel. Sweetie Pie creates loads of lather using this method and makes me feel super clean.

Sweetie Pie also contains glittery bits which don't linger on the skin (sadly!) but they just add a bit more excitement to the product. As Lush products are all handmade the colour varies from batch to batch. I have had purple Sweetie Pies and brown Sweetie Pies, with everything in between.

If I need a pick me up in the mornings I use Sweetie Pie. I know that the scent lasts all day and who doesn't want to smell like a giant blackcurrant? Exactly. If you are a fan of The Comforter you will definitely love this.

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly is £3.50 for 100g.