Wednesday, 26 November 2014

LUSH Christmas Haul


If you are a regular to Ruffles and Rabbits you will know that I am a total Lush fiend. I love their Christmas collections every year so recently did some damage in their Trafford Centre store. Oops.


I hate the word haul but I couldn't think what else to call this.. "a mad 4 minutes in Lush" maybe?

In no particular order:
  • The Melting Snowman - I thought he was a bubble bar but it transpires that he is actually a bath melt which makes sense when you think about it. Mine appears to have got into a scrap and lost his nose but he is still rather fetching. He is fragranced with Christmas spices which will be great after a long day trudging about in the cold. Not that I trudge, I work in an obscenely warm office but you get the picture. The Melting Snowman contains almond oil and cocoa butter to leave you with super soft skin.
  • Holly Golightly - I think this bubble bar is what excited me most about this years Christmas collection. It is a whopper, think The Comforter or Brightside for reference. Even just handling Holly Golightly for 20 seconds in the shop both my Mum and I were covered in silver glitter. Result. I can't quite put my finger on the scent but it is certainly festive.
  • The Christmas Hedgehog - I'm all for non traditional Christmas animals being made festive, I'm looking at you Karl. I love hedgehogs so this little guy was a must. He is another bubble bar but I don't know how I'm going to face breaking him in two, what a saddo. He smells delightful and contains sweet orange oil and ylang ylang oil.
  • The Christmas Penguin - another cute one, I'm so predictable. I missed out on trying The Christmas Penguin last year so I was chuffed that he had come back this year. Again mine seems to have had a nose malfunction but that makes him even sweeter. He contains orange flower absolute, Sicilian mandarin and lemon oils so should provide an uplifting bath. The Christmas Penguin is another bubble bar!
  • Candy Mountain - turns out it's bubble bar galore at my residence this year. Candy Mountain is fragranced exactly the same as Rockstar soap which is one of my all time favourites. It's so sweet and girly. If you like Melting Marshmallow Moment and Creamy Candy you are sure to love this.
  • Dashing Santa - now we have a more traditional Christmas theme, a Santa! I love that Lush can be traditional as well as thinking outside the box. Dashing Santa is a bath bomb which are my favourite Lush products (not that you can tell from this "haul"), he contains mandarin oil, bergamot oil and orange flower absolute.
  • Father Christmas - I vaguely remember this smelling of satsumas a couple of years ago and being called Satsumo Santa. I could be totally wrong but just a bit of trivia for you. My Mum kept calling him Fat Santa so I think that's what she was on about too. Anyway, I digress as usual. This little fella has the Snow Fairy scent which we all know and love. He is a bath bomb that changes from red to green when dropped in the water.
  • Northern Lights - the cylindrical bath bombs that have been released this year are a new concept I believe. I'm excited to try this jasmine scented delight. I was that giddy I even convinced my Mum she needed one too. I haven't seen Northern Lights in action which will be rectified soon!
  • Snow Angel - last but not least I got a Snow Angel which is a bath melt. Snow Angel smells a bit floral and a bit sweet at the same time. I don't actually remember picking this up but I think this would be a great gift for anyone you want a nice little something for.
I know what you're thinking, where are all the bottles of Snow Fairy? I buy those as soon as they are released each year regardless of the financial situation. I probably have enough to last til next year! I could have easily spent over £100 this year but I managed to reign myself in (slightly).

Have you picked up any Lush goodies recently? What's your favourite?