Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Essence 101 Dalmations Nail Polish / Black Dress and White Tie | Review and Swatches


When Essence finally made their way onto our shores I knew I had to pick up a few bits, one of which was the 101 Dalmations nail polish. Strangely it has another name on the back - "Black Dress and White Tie" which sounds a bit more official.

For £1.80 I wasn't expecting much but I'm really impressed, the brush is the perfect width and of course it is a bit fiddly with the glitter pieces but definitely worth taking the extra time. I found I needed 3 coats to get an even coverage but the formula dried really quickly so that wasn't any trouble.

The idea of 101 Dalmations is to wear it as a top coat but I like to wear it on its own. The polish contains tiny silver glitter particles, white circular particles and black circular particles to give the dalmatian effect. The wear time of this nail polish is really good, 6 days with only minor chips. As you can imagine it is an absolute nightmare to remove, I ended up picking it off in the end which isn't good.

Essence is available from Wilko.