Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Weekly Ramble #77


The weekly face:

Another week passed by in a blur, it will be Summer before I know it!

I've been at work loads this week (more than usual) as I'm massively down on hours, only another 9 to make up! I went to a course on Wednesday which was quite educational and interesting even if it is out of my comfort zone. You should do things that scare you as I always say.

I've mainly been chilling after work and re-watching the Harry Potter films, I've only got the Deathly Hallows left which no doubt I will watch today. I love this time of year for all the good things on TV, I'm so glad American Horror Story and Grimm are back!

Yesterday James and I ventured to the Trafford Centre as I had my 3 month check up following my laser eye surgery. I'm still better than 20/20 but they have given me some funky gel to put in of an evening. We got most of our Christmas shopping finished off but still need a few bits. Hurry up Boots and release the Sanctuary Star Gift! I also popped into Lush for a few treats for myself (Wizard and Pumpkin) and a little something for my Mum for being a good egg.

As I've done no housework that is what I will be wasting my Sunday doing, an extra hour in bed? An extra hour to iron more like.