Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Weekly Ramble #76


The weekly face:

On Thursday I enrolled onto my third college course. Each time I do it I promise myself it will be the last one but if work are willing to pay for them I'm happy to keep gaining qualifications. This one is ILM Team Leading which is a good one to have if you intend to work your way up the ladder which is my plan. This course is classroom based which is new to me, I've always had 1:1 with a tutor that comes to my work place. Most people on my course were friendly which helps during the awkward first class. Icebreakers. Say no more.

On Friday I took Karl into the vets to get his teeth done again. Poor little fella. He seems lots happier now binkying about the place. After work on Friday I got most of my Christmas shopping done would you believe. I'm going to the Trafford Centre next weekend when I will hopefully pick up the rest. I love being done early, being last minute stresses me out.

Saying that I have had a hugely expensive month, road tax, car insurance and a service are not the best.