Thursday, 9 October 2014

LUSH Sparkle Toothy Tabs* | Review


When Lush released their Toothy Tabs range I was intrigued, I always try to buy "naked" products or products with recyclable packaging. As Toothy Tabs come in a cardboard box they are easily recycled unlike traditional toothpaste tubes.

The Sparkle flavour of Toothy Tabs contain lemon, grapefruit and black pepper (for the taste) and bicarbonate of soda and kaolin powder (cleaning agents). To use a Toothy Tab you nibble it with your front teeth until it is of a paste like consistency then brush as normal.

After using my teeth felt very clean as they would with a more traditional toothpaste. The flavour of Sparkle is too peppery for me to use in the mornings but they are perfect for in the evenings. Toothy Tabs contain 40 tablets for £2.50. Now obviously they won't last as long as traditional toothpaste but if you are trying to be as eco friendly as possible I can't imagine that bothering you.

I probably wouldn't go for Sparkle again but I have got my eye on the Dirty flavour (a more traditional mint).

Have you ever tried Toothy Tabs from Lush?