Tuesday, 7 October 2014

L'Occinate Divine Imortelle Lotion | Review


Over the past two months I have been trying out the Divine Imortelle Lotion from L'Occitane. It has made such a difference to my skin I had to share it with you guys!

As this is a sample version (50ml) the packaging isn't exactly the same as the full size (200ml) but it is very similar. A mustard yellow bottle holds the fluid and it is held securely by a silver screw top lid. I like the packaging, it looks quite fancy sat on top of my dressing table.

The Divine Imortelle Lotion is quite a fluid formula but I still apply with my hands as it isn't too runny. I did try using on a cotton pad but that wasted a lot of the product and it didn't feel as nice to apply. I use the Divine Imortelle Lotion after spritz toning in the AM (cleanse, acid tone, spritz tone, treatment (this), moisturise - if you were wondering) and it gives my skin such a glow. When I have heard people talk about glowing skin in the past I always picture a shiny face but this just makes you look healthy and radiant, who doesn't want that?

L'Occitane say:
Used on a daily basis, this pre-treatment lotion helps to:
1.Maintain skin's youthful appearance and its potential for regeneration
2. Make skin feel incredibly supple (94%)**
3. Smooth skin (94%)**
4. Firm skin and restores its elasticity (77%)**
5. Preserve skin equilibrium (96%)**
6. Restore luminosity and translucency to the complexion (85%)**
7. Prepare skin to receive daily skincare products benefits (98%)**

With its rich texture and subtle, aromatic scent of fresh Immortelle flowers, this softening lotion gives skin an immediate sensation of supreme comfort, and leaves it feeling deliciously supple.

*of the epidermis. **Satisfaction test of 50 women for 1 month.

Since using the Divine Imortelle Lotion I have noticed that my makeup applies better presumably because my face is more smooth. One thing to note is the scent, it is a light almost floral scent but certainly not over powering. I have found with L'Occitane skincare in the past that the scents were too heavy for me but this is just perfect.

I can't recommend this highly enough, even though it is expensive at £42 for 200ml. I have been using mine every morning and there is still about 1/3rd of the 50ml bottle left so it does last a long time.