Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Weekly Ramble #71


The weekly face:

This has been one of the best weeks I have had in a long time! It all started last Sunday when I met my friend Rachel for a bit of shopping and lunch. We went to Revolution for food which was delicious. I always just associate Revolution with amazing cocktails (which we had too, don't get me wrong) instead of food. I got some bits and pieces in Primark such as a black fluffy jumper which were all the rage last year and I'm so mad I didn't get one, a statement necklace which is beautiful and a black clutch bag which is something I have always needed but never purchased.

We were supposed to be going to the cinema this week to watch Lets Be Cops but that didn't happen as life just got in the way. On Monday and Tuesday James was messing about getting his car fixed so we were unsure when we would be in the house etc.

On Thursday evening my parents came up to deliver my birthday presents for the following day which still gets me super excited.

Friday of course was my actual birthday and I am now officially a quarter of a century old. It feels like yesterday that I was leaving high school which is terrifying but I'm pleased with what I've achieved this past year. I've had a promotion at work and become a lot more confident in general which is never a bad thing. We went out for Italian in the evening which was so good, I could live on pasta I'm sure. I got loads of birthday goodies (including three birthday cakes - oops!) and have been thoroughly spoiled.

James got me some Kurt Geiger boots, The Sims 4 and Lego Batman the Movie! My parents got me a fluffy cream cardi from New Look and a sapphire Thomas Sabo charm, my bracelet is getting pretty full now. I got loads more including a gorgeous dress and some hair accessories.

As my giveaway ended on my birthday (sharing the love and all that) I picked the lucky winner and her prize is on the way to her. Congratulations!

Yesterday James' family came up to visit us so we went for lunch and then ventured into town for a gander. It is so packed on a Saturday, I just take it for granted that I can nip there every day due to working in the centre.

All in all I have had a great week and my aim is to watch Lets Be Cops next week!