Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Weekly Ramble #70


The weekly face:

Last Sunday we ventured to Treacle Market which is held on the last Sunday of the month in Macclesfield. I love going there as there are always weird and wonderful things on the stalls. It did feel very strange having a shot of raspberry vodka before my breakfast but you just have to roll with these things. As we go with my Mum and Dad it is also nice to hang out with them, as we all work different shifts it can be difficult to spend time together.

As James was out on Tuesday evening I got to have a quiet evening by myself which I love. I mainly just watched Fringe then treated myself to a mid week pamper because, why not?

Yesterday I went meeting my friend Ellen for lunch. She has given me my birthday present and I can't wait to open it! Most people don't get excited for their birthdays as they get older but I still do! 

Today I am meeting my friend Rachel for lunch. Are you sensing a theme, really need to put in more shifts at the gym! Rachel quite fancies getting a tattoo so we are going to be checking that out. We are going to my usual studio and there are no guarantees I won't come back with a new addition.