Thursday, 11 September 2014

Kneipp Enjoy Life Bath May Chang Lemon | Review


I love nothing more than a relaxing soak in the bath. I'm one of those people that has a bath all year round instead of just in Winter. I don't really have a huge array of bath oils that I have tried so I was excited to try this offering from Kneipp.

I'm not too sure if I like the packaging or not, it looks like something you would find in the herb shop rather than a fancy bath product. Not that packaging is all that important I just thought it worth mentioning. The directions state to add one capful to running water which doesn't seem a lot as I usually chuck loads in.

I like that it told me how much to use as I would have probably used about a quarter of it per bath. Doing it this way gives 9-10 baths which works out much better value for money. The oil made my bath smell quite nice but I'm not sure I would call it uplifting. It kind of reminded me of lemon Lockets, those sore throat thingies. I think if it was two scents it would be a lot better, eg I would like to see Lemon and Lavender which would be perfect for bedtime.

The water felt luxurious and calming which is all I want in a bath really. This offering from Kneipp usually costs £9.95 and is available from Fragrance Direct. If you use it to the instructions it works at about £1 per bath which is a lot better than a Lush bath for example, although not as exciting admittedly.

I have been browsing the Kneipp range and I really like the look of the Almond Blossom bath oil.