Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Weekly Ramble #68


The weekly face:

This week has been absolutely amazing, we went away for the first time in ages and I was definitely glad of the break.

On Monday we traveled up to the Lake District which is only about 1 hour 30 minutes from our house. We stayed in a place called Aphrodites Lodge which is in Bowness. The hotel was amazing which is what we wanted as we were celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary (a week early but hey-ho!). After unpacking we went to explore Bowness itself. It was so busy even though it was chucking it down. We wandered about for a bit and then went for our evening meal. We decided on tapas (my fave!) and it was absolutely delicious. 

On Tuesday we ventured into Keswick as I thought I had never been before. Turns out I have but when I was miniature. Keswick is a lovely town with a footpath which goes all around the lake. My phone was actually counting how far we had walked during the day and it was 6.2miles but didn't feel like it because you just get distracted looking at all of the scenery. I've been a proper stresspot lately and I had really chilled out by this point. We went back into Bowness for food and decided on Italian, which was very authentic and tasty.

For one of my anniversary gifts James had booked me in for a bit of a pamper session which included a back massage, Indian head massage and mini facial. My appointment was in the morning and I couldn't fault it. I was so relaxed and de-stressed it was amazing. We decided to go to Windermere for a few hours in the afternoon, it was quieter than Bowness and not as much to see so we didn't stay that long. In the late afternoon we lazed about in the pool and sauna which was again very relaxing, and as we were the only two there it was amazing.

On Thursday we came home, I was gutted because the time had flown while we were there but I was glad to come back and see Karl. My Mum and Dad looked after him for us while we were away and apparently he was a very naughty bun and not wanting to go back in his cage at bedtime.

On Friday we ran a couple of errands and we have finally dropped James' wedding ring off to get resized. I always feel like people are looking at us when I've got mine on and he hasn't! I don't think it is entirely appropriate to tell them that it's him I'm married to and I'm not a philanderer. I'm sure my brain isn't wired properly.

On Saturday we nipped to the Trafford Centre to get my eyes checked (can you believe it's been a month already) and they were super rude! I couldn't believe it everyone has been so professional and polite previously. Bleh. I of course got some shopping done while I was there, including two Christmas presents would you believe. I've turned into my mother.

This was quite possibly the longest post I have ever written, and if you have made it to the end I salute you. Here is a picture of Karl for your troubles: