Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Weekly Ramble #66


The weekly face:

I still can't get used to seeing myself without glasses, it's like when you dye your hair and keep catching your reflection and wonder who it is. Surely that's not just me?

My eyes have healed now (I think), but they still feel a bit weird when applying eyeshadow and removing it. I'm thinking that is psychological rather than physical but I wasn't expecting for it to freak me out.

Anyway, all I have done this week is go to work - 6 day weeks are so not the one. Yesterday I helped my Mum out as her Saturday girl is on holiday so she needed a hand. I did nip out for a hair cut during my shift (oops) so quite productive! I haven't had my hair cut for about 4 months, it was looking pretty gross.

Today we are going for afternoon tea with my parents as we are all off together which never happens these days. Keep your eyes open tomorrow as my giveaway shall be going live, how exciting!