Sunday, 31 August 2014

September Wishlist



1. HealGel Eye - Space NK - £32.00
2. Yankee Candle in Summer Scoop - Clinton Cards - £16.99
3. Divergent DVD - Zavvi - £10.99 
4. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Boots - £4.19 

1. When I am due for my injection my dark circles are atrocious, I look like a panda. Not in a cute, come give us a cuddle, way either. I have seen reviews on this eye cream by HealGel saying it is perfect for dark circles.

2. I'm still desperately clinging on to Summer. Summer Scoop is a delicious fragrance from Yankee Candle which isn't too sweet but still smells amazing.

3. I went to watch Divergent when it was released and I didn't have high hopes for it. Not too sure why as I absolutely love it. So much so that I came home and read all the books in 3 days.

4. Another product to tackle dark circles! Can you tell they have been getting me down recently? I use the illuminator pen at present but I am definitely in need of something a bit more heavy duty. I'm really trying to watch my spending but I'm pretty sure £4.19 won't be missed.