Thursday, 7 August 2014

L'Occitane Verbena Minis Gift Set | Review


I am loving minis at the moment, I'm clearly getting a bit excited as we're going away for a few days. I feel like we haven't been away for ages and I don't like going away for more than a few days as we have to leave Karl with my Mum. That sounds really harsh but I have no doubt he will come back tubbier than when he left!

Speaking of Mum, she got me this gift set last year incase we did manage to go away for a few days.

From what I can gather she has put this together herself which is very sweet. I love the Verbena range from L'Occitane but they are so expensive for every day use. This set contains refreshing towelettes, shower gel, body lotion, hand cream and a teeny tiny EDT.

The refreshing towelettes are £7 for 15 wipes. These are perfect for travelling and of course they have that amazing Verbena scent. They are great for chucking in your handbag and are 100% biodegradable. 

The shower gel isn't particularly foaming but it makes you feel super clean. I have the big one of these and I am dreading it running out! The body lotion is light and easily absorbed, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to the shower gel. Verbena is a unisex scent so very handy if you need to save on space.

The Verbena hand cream is very cooling and not at all sticky. This size is perfect for handbags. I always have a L'Occitane hand cream in my bag but this one is my favourite.

I hadn't actually realised that L'Occitane made an EDT of Verbena, this is perfect for layering your scent and a little goes a long way. As it is a miniature it doesn't have a spray nozzle which is a bit irritating but not something I can't work around. The bottle is so cute (it's only 10ml!) and will definitely be coming away with me.

L'Occitane do a very similar travel set here for £26.