Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Weekly Ramble #62


The weekly face:

This week has flown by yet again. I never feel like doing anything when it's hot either, such a waste!

Last Sunday I went to the cinema with my friend Rachel to watch The Fault in Our Stars. I really enjoyed it but don't really think it was as upsetting as everyone makes out. It wasn't helped by the sheer amount of sobbing youths. Before the cinema we went to Chiquito for lunch. I love going there, they do so many vegetarian options!

One of my work friends turned 40 this week, so naturally we had to decorate the office/corridors with embarrassing childhood photos, banners and balloons. I think she loved it on the sly! We also had amazing cupcakes to celebrate the occasion.

On Thursday my Mum came round for the evening, my Dad was in the Isle of Man for the races so we thought we would entertain her for the night.

Friday involved going to an engagement party. A few vodkas were consumed but I was fine the next day. I'm very soppy with engagements and weddings at the moment, I can't get enough of them.

I've made it to the gym once this week (#fail), and stayed the same weight wise. I think cupcakes have hindered my healthy eating and I am totally back on the wagon.

I've been using my Revlon lip butters loads this week, I'd forgotten how much I enjoy them!