Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Body Shop Shea Range | Review


Many moons ago I snaffled these two off my Mum as she isn't keen on The Body Shop (no idea why, it's very odd).

I seem to think she received these as part of a Christmas present, and having a quick peruse of the website I think it was this. For £6 you get 60ml of Shea Shower Cream, 60ml of Shea Body Whip and a "mini crinkle lily" which I think is a shower puff. I don't think that's a bad price as these are perfect for chucking in your overnight bag. I am off to the Lakes for a few days and I will be taking these with me to save on space. That's the plan at the moment anyway.

Right, onto the products! The shower cream is very moisturising and not particularly lathery. I personally prefer loads of bubbles but I love the scent of this and I still feel clean afterwards. It smells delicious and unlike shea products that I have used in the past. The scent is almost nutty but not unpleasant.

The body whip compliments this perfectly, it is light, easily absorbed and has the same delicious fragrance. I've been trying to moisturise daily (hasn't happened) and on the days I have used this I have gone without a perfume. That is a bit of a huge deal for me but you can still smell these when I get home from work. I have also taken to wafting my arm at people and saying "smell this". Classy.

I really like these and would happily repurchase bigger sizes once my stash has calmed down a bit! Cheers Mum for being a bit of a funny-ocity and letting me "borrow" your stuff.