Saturday, 12 July 2014

Colours of the Rainbow Tag


I fancied something a bit different for today's post so here is my Colours of the Rainbow products.


For "Red" I have picked Stellar from the Rimmel Apocolips range. I tend to use this as my go-to red lip as I love the colour (even though the scent is gross!). I don't wear this enough sadly.


That would be the Soothing Apricot Toner* by Elemis, I was unsure of this at first but it has really grown on me!


This Baby Lips was the only yellow thing I could find actually, it is just a basic lip balm that you can chuck into your bag and not worry about losing as they are only a few bob.


I absolutely love this hot cloth cleanser from Superdrug, it is really good as an evening cleanse and it is so cheap too.


It has taken me forever and a day to use this Turnaround Concentrate by Clinique up. I get distracted by other things! I do like how this makes my skin feel, so smooth and silky, but it is so expensive.


Ahh the Collagen Gel by SBC has been a staple on my dressing table for a long time. I have phases of using this (again, easily distracted) but I love it.


Heat protection spray doesn't really float my boat, but this one from Lisap smells quite nice. My sister-in-law is a hairdresser and recommended this to me. As I rarely straighten my hair these days it lasts an absolute age.


I struggled to think of a rainbow product, even though this eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution was looking at me all the time. I have only used a few eyeshadows from this particular palette but I love them.