Thursday, 17 July 2014

Bomb Cosmetics Cherry Bathe-Well Bath Blaster | Review


I'm sure by now you all know that I can't resist a fancy looking bath product.

Being a huge lover of sweet treats in general there was no way I was going to resist the Cherry Bathe-Well bath blaster from Bomb Cosmetics.

Bomb Cosmetics say: An exceedingly good bath, combining fruity summer cherry scents and a hint of cookies! Pure marjoram and chamomile essential oils will help relax and soothe you.

A warm fruity accord of lush cherry combined with a rich mouthwatering milk cookie fragrance smoothed by vanilla pod and hints of creamy coconut and white chocolate.

As you would expect it smells just like a cherry bakewell (cherries and almonds if you are yet to experience their delight). After chucking it in the bath it fizzed away leaving the water beautifully soft. The yellow "icing" contains cocoa butter which makes the water feel lovely.

The water didn't change colour but I didn't really mind as the scent was so amazing. After it had dispersed the water was filled with blue glitter too.

My one gripe with this is that it comes in plastic packaging, not very environmentally friendly. I much prefer when they come in a paper bag which you can recycle!

At £2.09 the Cherry Bathe-Well won't break the bank and is perfect for a sweet treat.