Saturday, 21 June 2014

Empties #8


It feels like I have got through loads of empties recently. The latest five are:

  • Avon - Strawberry and White Chocolate shower gel
  • Sepia - Bath Salts
  • Mandara Spa - Tropical Blooms bath milk
  • The Body Shop - Ginger Sparkle shower gel
  • Avon - Little Red Dress EDT

Strawberry and White Chocolate shower gel - What can I say, I absolutely adore the scent of this. It feels like you are having a wash with a desert. I'm pretty sure there's not only me that appeals to. It lathers really well too.
Repurchase: Yes.

Ginger Sparkle shower gel - I went a bit nuts with these last year and bought about 6 of them. I know the fragrance is Ginger Sparkle but it also reminds me of fizzy cola bottles. As it is from The Body Shop you know you are getting a good quality shower gel.
Repurchase: Yes.

Tropical Blooms bath milk - Oh I was so excited to use this, I thought it sounded so fancy and luxurious. It didn't foam well nor make the water soft. Not a fan of the scent either. Full review here.
Repurchase: No.

Bath Salts - I picked these up from a local shop for about £1.50 so I wasn't expecting too much from them. The scent was too subtle for me really but did make for a nice relaxing bath. I'm not a huge lover of bath salts so I don't really know why I bought them.
Repurchase: No.

Little Red Dress - One of the girls I work with got this as a sample size and I loved it that much I had to order the full size. I received so many compliments when wearing this and I absolutely love it. As it is Avon it is cheap enough to wear every day for work. It sort of reminds me of Euphoria by Calvin Klein.
Repurchase: Yes, once the stash has been reduced.