Thursday, 5 June 2014

Bathery Cherry Lemonade Soap | Review


Bathery is a handmade soap and bath company based in Macclesfield and I picked up a few bits the last time I was in.

I picked Cherry Lemonade as it is my favourite Yankee Candle and the soap smells exactly the same! Just look at it, I have been very tempted to take a bite out of it.

As I rule, I tend to opt for shower gels instead of a solid soap even though they can be just as good. I found when using this the smell disappeared completely and I was just left with the generic soap smell. I also found that it hardly lathered at all which led to me not feeling clean therefore needing to use something else. 

I'm so disappointed with this as I thought I was going to love it. I think it was around £4 so not a huge loss. I do try to support local businesses where possible but this has put me off I'm afraid.

Sorry for the super negative review but I think it's important to share the good and the bad!