Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Weekly Ramble #55


The weekly face:

I debated whether to include what happened on Monday, I do tend to share my personal life but try to keep it lighthearted. On Monday my Mum got the all clear after being diagnosed with cancer 6 months ago. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I have been sort of ambling around in a daze ever since. I haven't really cried during it all but I haven't stopped bursting into tears since we have had the good news!

Monday evening we went to the Trafford Centre for a spot of food and a bit of shopping. I say a bit but we went a bit wild - oh well, can't take it with you! Of course we took my Mum with us, mini celebration and all that.

Tuesday I was back in work and we went out for lunch for one of the girls' birthdays. Cupcakes were consumed and the day sped by. When I got home from work I ordered the 3rd Beauty Box created by Jane (British Beauty Blogger) - I loved the second one and couldn't wait to get my hands on this one!

On Wednesday I decided that I need to get my bum into gear and form a proper exercise regime once again. Never one to do things by half I was in the gym after work on Wednesday evening, feeling about 90 years old - so unfit.

Thursday was pretty uneventful although I did my weights and I'm still feeling the burn today. Ouch.

On Friday my #BBBBeautyBoxIII (yep, created a #) arrived. It looks amazing I can't wait to start using everything. Just what you need after going to work and then the gym. My second wind has come back really quickly, I didn't struggle at all yippee!

Saturday we dropped my car off in the morning for its MOT and then did another weights session. Thankfully my car passed so I treated myself to some bits from Makeup Revolution (using my discount voucher from the box) - I wanted to buy everything oops.

Today hopefully will be a bit of a rest and picking up the rest of the Father's Day stuff (15th June). It's a bit rubbish this year as it falls on my Dad's birthday. How inconsiderate! Any ideas for an awkward to buy for man are greatly appreciated.

Have a good Bank Holiday!