Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mandara Spa Topical Blooms Softening Bath Milk | Review #BBBBeautyBoxII


You may have gathered by now that I love baths, and bath products. When I saw this was included in the box I did a happy little dance.

If you haven't heard of Mandara Spa before -  "The Mandara Spa range is a luxurious line of bath and bodycare products inspired by the natural ingredients used in the unique treatments across Mandara Spas around the world."

As this is described as a bath milk I was expecting really softened water but not a lot of bubbles. When I first poured it in there were a lot of bubbles but these quickly disappeared. Disappointingly the water wasn't soft either. At first the scent was really lovely, I could definitely smell the jasmine. Unfortunately that soon went and the scent was a bit strange. So much so that James came in the ask why did it smell like cleaning products.

All in all I am so gutted that I didn't like this, it may be an acquired taste but it certainly wasn't for me. You can purchase this from here, it is £9 for 500ml.