Tuesday, 27 May 2014

LUSH Bunty Gift Set | Review


Bunty is my all time favourite gift set that Lush do so I thought I would share my thoughts on it with you guys!

Space Girl bath ballistic

Space Girl is a bath bomb that I have had countless times, even though I never buy it for myself. They have changed it slightly over the years with the addition of the red glitter on the top. Space Girl contains popping candy, but I didn't hear/see anything extra unfortunately. Grapefruit oil and bergamot are among the ingredients to make you feel uplifted and cheerful. Space Girl turns the bathwater a lovely purple colour.

The Comforter bubble bar

The Comforter is probably my most repurchased item from Lush, after Sakura of course. The Comforter smells of blackcurrant cakes, very fruity and sweet. The normal sized one is huge but this one is the perfect size for just one bath. When crumbled under running water this creates lots of bubbles and turns the water pink for a nice long relaxing bath.

Think Pink bath ballistic

Think Pink is one that is often overlooked when I am perusing the aisles of Lush, but it is a great bath ballistic. Think Pink contains vanilla and tonka which creates a delicious scent to bathe in. After it has fizzed completely you are left with little hearts floating about the place. The water turns a gorgeous baby pink.

Creamy Candy bubble bar

Creamy Candy is one of the sweetest offerings from Lush which is right up my street. Creamy Candy makes your bath water really soft as it contains almond oil and cocoa butter. This generates lots bubbles but the water doesn't change colour.

Bunty comes in two colour options; pink or yellow, but the contents are exactly the same. Bunty is £13.95 which I think is very reasonable and sure to be a firm favourite with any Lush fan.