Thursday, 8 May 2014

LUSH Blooming Beautiful Gift Set | Review


I love receiving giftsets from Lush, they are always packaged beautifully and contain amazing products.

Blooming Beautiful contains Pop in the Bath which is a bubble bar, and Think Pink which is a bath ballistic. Bubble bars are crumbled under running water to make a lovely bubbly bath and bath ballistics you just chuck in the bath and watch your water transform.

L: Think Pink, R: Pop in the Bath
Pop in the Bath comes in three colour varieties but they all have the same fragrance. I love how cute Pop in the Bath looks, with the little flower on top. Small things eh? You just crumble under running water and it creates mounds of bubbles. I find it easier to split it in half first and crumble half in the water and see if you need any more going in. Hooray for two amazing baths instead of one.

As you can probably tell, I used a full one on the above. Pop in the Bath smells floral but also like oranges - it is great for cheering yourself up.

Think Pink is my favourite of the two, mainly because I like bathing in brightly coloured water. Such a child.

I was expecting a bright pink bath but this fizzled down to a gorgeous baby pink colour with confetti hearts floating about the place. The fragrance is vanilla and tonka. I have no idea what tonka is but it smells lovely and girly. The little orange blob on the picture is one of the flowers melting.

Blooming Beautiful will set you back £7.95 or if you buy the two products separately it is just £5.45.