Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Topshop Eyelash Curlers | Review


Even before I started wearing makeup I have been using eyelash curlers to make my eyes look bigger and make me look more awake in general.

I received these and couldn't wait to try them out, I think they look suave being all black.

A bonus to these is that they come with a spare rubber pad. Once the rubber pad wears down you need to change it so that you don't damage your eyelashes. I have heard horror stories of them being cut off - not a great look.

To use, you insert these over your eyes putting the eyelashes in the gap, as close to the root as possible and gently press down for 10 seconds. I then move to the middle part of my eyelashes and hold for another 10 seconds. This really opens up your eyes and gives them a curl before you apply your mascara.

Are eyelash curlers part of your daily routine?