Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Weekly Ramble #49


The weekly face:

As I mentioned last week I went to the Trafford Centre last Sunday for a catch up with my friend Rachel. We went to La Tasca which I absolutely love and always end up feeling like I am about to pop afterwards. We also moseyed down to Lush to stock up on some "essentials"!

Work has been super busy this week again which means it has flown by. I also had a catch up with my tutor on Wednesday so I have another assignment to do over the long weekend.

James entered a golf tournament on Thursday for charity which he enjoyed and meant I got a bit of peace and quiet for once!

On Friday we went visiting my parents and they are popping round today for a brew after we have done our weekly shop. I feel like such a grown up having a weekly routine - I never thought I would become that person.

Yesterday James and I went out for lunch and a bit of shopping. We hardly ever go out for a nice day time meal so that was a lovely change.

I know this is going to sound quite odd, but I tried two new foods this week; custard and gnocci. Not together of course. I'm so fussy and generally a bit freaky with food so this is a huge achievement for me.