Thursday, 3 April 2014

LUSH Red Fun | Review


I picked up Fun a while ago when I needed some cheering up, what 24 year old doesn't want to mess about with plasticine-y stuff and then use it to bathe in? Exactly.

Just look at that squidgy goodness, I couldn't wait to start using it! Taking it out of the packet it looks quite strange but still appealing.

The consistency of Fun is supposed to be like plasticine therefore mouldable into shapes. I really couldn't make anything with mine, it was a bit too soft for construction purposes so I just attempted to crumble under running water to have a nice bubble bath.

The texture of this isn't as crumbly as a normal Lush bubble bar, it kept sticking to my hand. Swishing my hand in the water made it bubble up really well though.

Red Fun contains orange oil and mandarin oil so you get a lovely citrusy scent to bathe in. The smell was subtle and relaxing, certainly not overpowering. I found it made my bath water soft and soothing. The bubbles didn't last very long but I only use a tiny chunk per bath.

Fun bars from Lush are £5 for 200g and I would estimate you could get about 8 baths out of 1 bar. Obviously it depends how much you put in but this may be something to consider as a normal bath bomb is roughly £3 and can only be used once.

Have you tried Fun? What did you think?