Wednesday, 2 April 2014

LUSH Golden Egg | Review


When I spotted Golden Egg in Lush I knew one would be coming home with me. By the time I had got it to the till both my Mum and I were covered in glitter - the sparklier the better in my opinion when it comes to bath products.

The Golden Egg is a hybrid of a bath melt and a bath ballistic. The bath melt is on the outside causing it to be a slow dissolver until it gets to the centre where the bath ballistic is. Mine kept spinning around and it took absolutely ages for it to fizz itself out.

The scent is absolutely delicious, I was starving when I got out of the bath! The scent is sort of honey/toffee/caramel without being too sickly.

It doesn't look overly appealing in the above but the bath was full of glitter and I was still covered the next morning. As it is half bath melt my skin felt really moisturised as well.

You can get this for £3.50 as part of the Easter collection from Lush. I would rather have one of these than a chocolate egg anyway! Plus, it makes me feel like I am in Harry Potter - which is never a bad thing.