Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Weekly Ramble #47


The weekly face:

These weeks are totally flying by. On Monday I had the day off work as I needed to use the rest of my holiday allowance so thought I would have a long weekend. I spent it at home completing another unit of my NVQ. 

On Tuesday we went to Ikea just for a perusal really but ended up attempting to buy a dining room set. I say attempting as it was out of stock boohoo. I also picked my Mum an orchid up for part of her Mother's Day present as she absolutely loves them. I had to give it to her on Tuesday for fear of killing it. Orchids do not like me.

Thursday involved trekking back to Ikea to purchase said dining table and picking up the rest of James' nan's birthday present. We still haven't assembled it yet though as my arms are still hurting from having my injections on Thursday morning. B12 deficiency problems.

On Friday I had a half day - officially no more hours left to spend now - which is always nice especially as I was working on Saturday.

I also met my friend for a few drinks on Saturday night, but I was still tucked up for 22:30, I am officially old.

I will be spending today with my Mum and having a bit of a chill!