Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Weekly Ramble #44


The weekly face:

I have been off work this week so I feel I have got a lot more done than usual.

On Monday we took Karl to the exotic vet in Manchester to get their opinion on having a set of his molars removed. They didn't think it was an ideal option at this time and advised us to change his diet and change our local vets as they haven't been doing a brilliant job. He has been quite moody as he isn't allowed any of his favourite food now (nuggets!) as he has to eat things that grind his teeth down.

On Tuesday James was back in work which meant I had some peace and quiet - apart from Karl being stampy! I finished off the NVQ part of my qualification in the morning so I can hand that in next week. I feel really proud of myself for completing it this early as I still have another 12 months to go before my deadline. In the afternoon I deep cleaned the bathroom - the joys of being a grown up! A helpful bit of advice to anyone wanting to purchase their own house - do not get a fully tiled bathroom. It will make you cry.

Wednesday was spent with my lovely Mum doing a bit (lot) of shopping in Warrington. We don't go to Warrington that often and I don't know why as we had a fab day. I got a few bits from Lush and some new work clothes from Primark. We went to Scoop for our lunch which is an ice-cream parlour/cafe, it was delicious. I had a scoop of Nutella ice cream after my lunch and it was absolutely amazing.

Thursday I cleaned all of the windows in the house. Another helpful hint to aspiring homeowners - conservatories may look awesome and a good place to retreat to, but you have to clean it. I'm always shattered after doing that but as my Mum and Dad were both off work we decided to visit Bents garden centre and go for a spot of Afternoon Tea at a nearby Victorian Tea Room. Being off work is so not good for the diet.

Friday was supposed to be spent catching up on blogging but I decided to try and get on top of my gardening. Helpful hint number 3 - gardens are hard work - don't bother with one. It always looks so much better once everything has been tidied up and the plants have started flowering so I am glad to have made a start at least.

Saturday I took loads of pictures for blog posts as the weather is finally starting to behave itself. I tend to take pictures in bulk with working full time and not always having the time on a weekend.

Today will hopefully be spent relaxing after doing the weekly shop and a bit of light housework.