Wednesday, 26 March 2014

LUSH Wonder Woohoo Bubble Bar | Review


I'm actually convinced that my Mum is Wonder Woman...

.. so I couldn't resist picking up the Wonder Woohoo bubble bar as part of the Mother's Day collection.

As you can see it is super sparkly and makes a lot of mess when handling it. Wonder Woohoo is the same fragrance as The Sun perfume. This bubble bar contains mimosa, sandalwood oil and Brazilian orange oil which creates a lovely cheerful fragrance.

The water didn't turn any fancy colours but it did have create a beautiful golden iridescence in the water.Wonder Woohoo produces loads of bubbles - the above photo is approximately 1/3 of a bar. Each bubble bar costs £3.95 but as you can split it into 3 it is quite cost effective.

Have you tried anything from the Mother's Day range yet?