Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Weekly Ramble #40


The weekly face:
This week we have been off work! I haven't had a full week off since September I think it was so I have been so glad of a break.

Monday was spent catching up on my NVQ assignments and doing some serious kettlebell exercises. I was still hurting on Thursday.

On Tuesday I finished up my NVQ tasks and sorted the house out. I have no idea how two people can be so untidy at times.

Wednesday was spent running errands that I never get round to doing and taking some blog photos due to the actual daylight being available.

Thursday we went to the cinema to watch the second Hobbit. I really didn't enjoy the first one, it seemed a whole lot of film for a whole lot of nothing to happen in it. Also, no eye candy to distract me either! For all I am total nerd the whole Lord of the Rings shebang has never appealed to me. The second one was so much better than the first one - hooray! I am also curious to know what they did to Thorin's hair to make it look so good.

On Friday we ran some more errands and had a bit of a TV day. Bliss!

Saturday was my Mum's birthday! Happy Birthday Mumma (she doesn't read my blog - but thought I would give her a shout out anyway). I got her a box of L'Occitane goodies, a fluffy cardigan that she has wanted for ages, a Kindle voucher and a rose plant for being a good egg throughout the year. Unfortunately it was back to work on Saturday, but not too bad because there was Birthday cake :).

Today will be my usual Sunday - food shop, ironing, cleaning the house. It doesn't sound exciting but I get to spend the day with James so that's a bonus (sometimes.)