Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Soap and Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel | Review


As you may have gathered by now, I am a huge Soap and Glory fan. Just realised how cool I am actually typing that.

So, as with everything, the packaging is what you notice first. It fits in with the whole line but doesn't have any bizarre made up science claims on this one, which is a shame, they make me giggle. I like the fact that it has a pump dispenser, less faffing about is always a bonus.

Clean On Me has the traditional Soap and Glory "pink" scent which I personally love, not too girly I might add. Strangely, the bottle doesn't contain a list of ingredients so lord knows what is actually in it.

As far as shower gels go this is very moisturising. I don't always bother with moisturiser but with this you can definitely skip that step!

You can buy the huge 500ml version for £6 from Boots, but they also do a travel size if you don't want to commit to such a large bottle. The travel size is £2.50 for 75ml.