Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Weekly Ramble #38


The weekly face:

Well hello there 7am tired face! This week has whizzed by again.

We took Karl back to the vets on Tuesday for his check up - he is completely fine hooray! Back to his cheeky little self. 

Wednesday involved a trip to Costco and to visit my parents. Costco is a total nightmare, full of Sunday drivers trying to operate a trolley. Deary me.

On Thursday we were supposed to go to the Trafford Centre as I have a list as long as my arm and James wanted some new clothes, but a punctured tyre soon put an end to that. I'm hoping to get there next week as I seem to be running out of everything all at once.

Saturday I had a super lazy day as I wasn't feeling great, but some Disney films soon sorted me out!

Hope you have a had a good one.