Thursday, 9 January 2014

Radox - Muscle Therapy Bath Soak | Review


Back when I used to train regularly, I used to lift weights. A lot. And nothing gives you achy muscles like lifting weights. As I am getting back into my exercise regime I have rediscovered an old love of mine; the Muscle Therapy Bath Soak from Radox.

I would say that the scent leans towards masculine, but I personally love it. It is described by Radox as "a stimulating blend, with black pepper and ginseng to leave you feeling revived".

You simply pour some under warm running water and let it foam, you get quite a lot of bubbles considering it is only £1. It says on Boots' website that it should be £2 but I have never paid more than £1 for it.

I find this particularly good for muscles that are tight and achy, I think this is to do with the black pepper because it is warming.