Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Weekly Ramble #33


The weekly face:

I feel like I have done so much this week, I am absolutely exhausted! On Monday I went to Chiquitos with my friend Rachel. I love Chiquitos but I always end up eating loads because it is so tasty!

Tuesday involved a trip to the dentist, who goes to the dentist the week before Christmas really? Luckily all was fine so that's that out of the way.

On Wednesday we went out for our work Christmas lunch which was again delicious, and it is totally acceptable to be eating 3 courses at lunch time. Tis the season and all. I also finally had my hair trimmed, it has been looking so ratty and just a bit unkempt so I am so pleased to be looking human again.

Thursday was James' birthday - I can't believe I'm married to an old man! Happy Birthday James! As we are trying to save a bit of money we don't really go mental on each other at birthdays and Christmas. Hopefully we will be able to spend a bit more on each other next year.

Friday evening was the works Christmas party, which was really good. It was a Moulin Rouge themed evening but I was the designated driver because I was working the day after - I can't believe people are still buying Christmas cards realistically.

As my week has been quite busy I am planning to quickly do all of the housework and have a well deserved RELAX.