Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Weekly Ramble #32


The weekly face:

First of all - yes I am cheating, that is an old photo. I totally forgot to take one so this will have to do, hello duckface.

On Monday James and I were off work - so we put up the Christmas tree, wrapped all of the presents and watched The Snowman. James has never seen it before, how has that happened.

Tuesday and Thursday entailed scary work occurrences causing me to feel violently ill. I do like a challenge but I am glad it's over.

On Wednesday I sat my ICT exam for my NVQ, I think it went well, I shall let you know in 4-6 weeks.

Saturday I helped my Mum out in her shop, as Christmas is coming it is getting crazy busy.

I am meeting my friend Ellen for lunch today and to exchange presents. I won't say what I got her in case she reads my blog! I doubt it, as I have only told a few real life people of its existence - oops.