Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Weekly Ramble #31


The weekly face:

Ahh, another week closer to Christmas, I am certainly feeling the wooly hats at the moment.

Last Sunday started with a trip to Manchester Christmas Markets. I go every year with my mum but it was James' first time. I did warn him about the crowds but I think he thought I was exaggerating. It was quite a successful shopping event with us purchasing fancy home made soaps from France, and delicious chilli cheese which came all the way from Cheshire. I also invested in a Cossack which I can't stop wearing, apparently I am destined for serious hat hair throughout December.

On Tuesday I received my Secret Santa package (#BloggerSecretSanta organised by Chief Elf Hayley) and I honestly had a little cry. Everything was so thoughtful and I will be doing a full post soon on what I received. Hayley is doing a big reveal post on Monday and I am absolutely desperate to know who had me! Thank you though - you are an absolute angel and I am over the moon (as is Karl).

Thursday was my friends birthday so we went out for lunch and a cake. Working with your friends is such a winner. I haven't stopped eating this week so I really need to get back to the gym.

Today I am off to Chiquitos with my friend Rachel. I love Chiquitos, no wonder my pants (trousers for all you Southerners!) won't fasten.